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TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

                                   NJLPIA invites you to attend the next regular dinner meeting on                                     October 10th, 2023 at 5 p.m at Filomena’s Lakeview Inn, Deptford NJ.


This meeting discussion / training topic is: 

"Know Your Customer; It Could Be a Foreign Intelligence Entity"

         Presented by the FBI Field Office, Newark NJ and Board Member Jennifer Sirois.


FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Michael Pohl will provide a threat overview regarding the increasingly common efforts of hostile foreign intelligence services, including those belonging to the Peoples Republic of China and Iran, to target and try to co-opt US private investigators into conducting investigative work in furtherance of foreign intelligence operations.  These operations can include further a variety of malicious goals, but most commonly involve investigating vulnerable US-based dissidents, sometimes with the end goal of forcibly repatriating the subject back to the country from which they fled.  This is called Transnational Repression, and is a tactic used by authoritarian regimes to control the activities and speech Diaspora communities overseas.  Mr. Pohl and Mr. Martin will share facts from actual cases and will provide tools that PIs can use to identify and report suspicious customers that may actually be foreign intelligence officers. 

Private Investigator Jennifer Sirois, LTC Army Retired, and NJLPIA Executive Board Member will brief federal statues that a former NJ private detective was convicted of violating in furtherance of foreign intelligence operations.  She will also review the NJ & PA Private Detective Acts and associated privacy laws.  The purpose of this overview is to inform members what actions and activities are granted to an individual who holds a private detective license and what actions and activities fall outside the scope of law.