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The New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Associations honors those members who have demonstrated the high level of professional standards the association stands for with the recognition and presentation of the association’s yearly awards.


The association honors members every year at the annual December Awards Dinner meeting with the below awards being available to those members selected:

Investigator of the Year Award:

The New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator Association Investigator of the Year Award is the most distinguished, honorable and noble award that can be presented to a member.  The award recipient is nominated and selected by the NJLPIA and presented to the member by his / her peers.

The award was established to exemplify the high moral and ethical standards by which a professional licensed private investigator adheres to in his / her services to the private investigator’s profession.

The Investigator of the Year award is awarded in recognition of the significant value in the efforts of private investigators in the field and the impact these investigations have in the lives of their clients and the profession. The Investigator of the Year award celebrates those investigators for their contributions to the profession and the difference they make within the profession.


Meritorious Service Award:

The New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator Association Meritorious Service award is presented to a member for an accomplishment in the aid of another individual either through actual physical assistance or the handling of an investigation through exceptional investigative efforts, skills, dedication, resilience, or investigative techniques. 


NJLPIA Member of the Year Award:

The New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator Associations Member of the Year award is presented to a member who has demonstrated outstanding service, leadership, participation through the giving of their time, ability and resources within the NJLPIA in the furtherance of the association. 




  1. Any member of the NJLPIA in good standing is eligible for this award.
  2. Nominees must be a licensed private investigator.
  3. Nominations will be made by a member’s peers active within the NJLPIA
  4. Selection of the recipient will be made by the Awards Committee.
  5. The award will be presented at the December Awards Dinner.