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Contact Us

P.O. Box 351
Sicklerville, NJ 08081
Office Phone: (609) 423-7005
Association Administrator - Nicole Cusanelli


Want to become a licensed investigator?
Check out NJSP Private Detective Information, Applications & Renewal Forms


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NJ State Police Links of Public Interest

NJLPIA supports the New Jersey State Police and periodically provides links of Public Interest.  Currently NJSP are looking for Domestic Violence Volunteers, click on link for details: www.njsp.org/news/index.shtml

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Welcome to the NJLPIA

Why Hire Us?

Why Join NJLPIA?

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Welcome to the home of the New Jersey Licensed Private Investigator’s Association. NJLPIA was established in 1955 to promote professionalism among our licensed investigator members. Since that time, NJLPIA, through its general membership and many volunteer board members, has worked hard to increase our ranks, establish an open dialogue with our licensing body - the New Jersey State Police, promote education and training for investigators and monitor and effect change in the NJ and Federal legislatures.

In addition, NJLPIA exists to help the general public learn more about our profession as well as to locate professional, qualified and licensed private investigators. We have members located from the southern tip of NJ to the northern most part of our state ready to help clients achieve their investigative goals.

To become a member of NJLPIA, please follow the “Join NJLPIA” link and begin taking advantage of the many benefits that membership offers. The return on your investment by joining NJLPIA will be significant, whether through increased business, valuable training programs or assistance received from fellow members through our listserv which is an invaluable resource and virtual knowledge base of investigative ideas, tips and support.

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Mission Statement

The NJLPIA, and its members, shall always display and promote a professional image, provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information, and find solutions to the problems of our profession. The association shall conduct educational programs beneficial to our members and their employees; develop the means of raising the standards of our industry, monitor and effect change in legislation effecting our profession, and pursue all avenues in an effort to foster harmony and good will among all of our members, the organization which licenses our industry, and the public.

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