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About The Stealth Group 3

Founded in 2020 by Ret. Det. Jason A. Sheets, The Stealth Group 3 utilizes a broad range of professionals within its network to ensure our clients have near limitless options as it relates to their case. We ensure that our services and abilities will prove beneficial to the client and pair our professionals according to the clients need. We do not take every case that is brought to us, we believe in integrity as it is the hallmark to any successful firm. 

Products & Services

- Casino litigation consulting: Our firm has a network of casino investigators and executives that posses all of the knowledge necessary to ensure a successful outcome to your case. 

- Complex criminal and civil litigation

- Surveillance investigations: Workers Compensation, co-habitation, cheating partner, work-site activity, and more. 

- Background Investigations: A comprehensive background investigation can make all the difference for; employers, attorneys taking on new clients, personal relationships and much more. 

- Witness/Person locates: Our systems allow us to provide vital information related to individuals, and businesses alike. We possess the technology to find: associated persons, phone numbers/carriers, social media, addresses (current and past), phone numbers, liens, judgments and criminal history to name a few. 

Primary Company Location
325 W. Groveland Ave #33
Somers Point

Member Employees

  • Jason Sheets

Company Contact

Jason Sheets