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About Creative Solutions Investigations

Creative Solutions’ investigators spent their law enforcement careers working seamlessly with prosecutors to build a case beyond a reasonable doubt. They are trained to get the evidence you need, even evidence you may not be aware existed. Creative Solutions is one of the largest investigative firms in New Jersey, with a full-time staff dedicated to client’s needs.

Creative Solutions approaches each investigation with a singular goal – to get results for their client within their budget. Creative Solutions believes that conducting investigations, from the simple to the complex must utilize the most current technology, and we integrate this into every investigation. Creative Solutions accomplishes this by utilizing its vast and diverse in-house resources. Our Intelligence Division, including Intelligence Analysts and Deep Web Specialists conduct background and Due Diligence investigations on every case, obtaining a startling amount of information and intelligence.

Creative Solutions Investigative Services™ is New Jersey’s leading firm in conducting residency investigations to prove cohabitation. CSIS’ full-time staff obtain mountains of evidence and organize it into a comprehensive report, supported by digital media. CSIS utilizes tools such as time-lapsed static cameras, physical surveillance and deep web social media investigations to give you the evidence to succeed in court. CSIS’ evidence has been upheld in Superior Court in numerous counties, and our reputation in the legal community is a vital tool in your litigation. To work within our clients’ budget, CSIS conducts these investigations on a reasonably priced, flat-rate basis. We begin with a Phase 1 investigation. After determining the available evidence, the client can choose to conduct a CSIS Comprehensive Cohabitation Investigation™.  

Creative Solutions’ Technical Services Division (TSD) utilizes and fabricates specialized equipment, such as covert video surveillance platforms. Creative Solutions TSD also has the equipment, experience and expertise to perform TSCM (Technical Services Counter Measure) searches to find hidden cameras, audio devices and GPS trackers in your home, office or vehicle. With our vast experience in technology and  tradecraft, we sell covert cameras and specialized equipment to protect you, your family or your business.

Creative Solutions’ Specialized Surveillance Division (SSD) includes surveillance specialists including retired FBI special Agents assigned to their Special Operations Group. All field surveillance investigators are equipped to obtain video evidence in the most demanding of environments and situations. Creative Solutions also utilizes a fleet of specialized surveillance vehicles, including covert surveillance vans and specially equipped vehicles. By utilizing this integrated technology concept, Creative Solutions obtains unparalleled video documented intelligence and evidence in a cost effective approach.

Put Creative Solutions’ integrated team approach to work for you. When you have complex problems, demand Creative Solutions.

Products & Services

  • Surveillance.
  • Litigation Support.
  • Cohabitation Investigations.
    • Insurance SIU Investigations

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520 Speedwell Avenue
Morris Plains

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