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Contact: Christopher Halscheid
Work 1600 Perrineville Rd Suite 2-127 Monroe Township New Jersey 08331 MiddlesexWork Phone: (800) 688-9230Website: Business Trip SurveillanceWebsite: Frequently Asked QuestionsWebsite: Video- Cheating InvestigationsWebsite: Child Custody InvestigationsWebsite: Alimony / Cohabitation InvestigationsWebsite: Contact Magnum InvestigationsWe offer service via affiliate offices in:
All of New Jersey



Magnum Investigations, llc is New Jersey’s Premier Investigative Agency.  This Agency solely Specializes in Video Surveillance as it pertains to:

This Agency will definitely cost slightly more than the competitors; as in any profession, Specialists always cost a bit more but the expertise and skillset is better than others.  Many companies are diverse and provide an array of services; there is nothing wrong with that unless you thinking of having Surveillance Services.  Unless an investigator is conducting Surveillance on a regular basis, he/she will likely get caught by the very person they are monitoring.  This Agency’s of expertise is Surveillance.

Video Surveillance is a Service in where our Investigators legally, secretly/covertly monitor and video/Photo Document an individual’s activities.  Surveillance is difficult and is a fine art; in fact, most investigators who attempt surveillance more often than not will get caught and the very person they are watching will detect the investigator.  A successful Surveillance will require state-of the- art equipment, a sound and well-thought out strategy, and seasoned surveillance investigators; otherwise, the investigator will most certainly get caught, which would be the worse thing that could ever happen.

Magnum Investigations, llc is Licensed & Bonded in New Jersey and Pennsylvania providing services throughout the entire state of New Jersey & most of Pennsylvania.

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The owner, Christopher Halscheid, has a Law-Enforcement Background and has been providing Private Investigative Services for almost 20-years.  The Law Enforcement Background and Training is especially important in Child Custody Investigations; it will provide the client with a significant advantage over investigators who do not have such background.


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1600 Perrineville Rd Suite 2-127 Monroe Township New Jersey 08331 Middlesex