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Why Join a State Association?

No one has time for meetings. Everyone is inundated with work, responsibilities and the minutia of day to day life. There are reports to write, school plays to attend, after school soccer to coach and surveillance's to perform. The day is too short. The "to do" list is too long. Exhaustion sets in about the time the meetings begin. So why join? Why sit through another chicken dinner? Why participate at all? What does this organization do for me?

These are valid questions based on a solid fact. We are too busy and our lives are too complex. But here is a reality we must face.

  • Without grass roots organizations on a State level, we have no say in the direction or the future of our industry.
  • Legislators will pass laws that will write us out of business.
  • The State Police will enact a new Private Detective Act and we won't be part of the process.
  • Public records will be locked behind closed doors and we will not have access.
  • We will not learn of the newest laws that dictate the manner in which we must now do business.
  • Guest speakers on topics of great concern for the investigator will speak to empty rooms.

Our organization is the ONLY voice we have in this State. Individually we are useless. But it is our jobs that are on the line. We must educate ourselves, inform ourselves and join together to benefit from networking, information, sources and resources. The New Jersey Licensed Private Investigators Association provides all of this and more.

Consider that for only $150 per company and $75 per individual, you can now avail yourself of the following:

  • A world class journal with articles, information, legislation and news. Meetings with valuable speakers discussing topics of interest that educate all investigators.
  • Networking with others who provide assistance in diverse fields not necessarily within our own realm of expertise.
  • An on-line "list-serv" that provides instant communication for assistance on difficult cases.
  • A peer system of help with investigative questions ... just go on line or contact one of the board members for the name of a more senior and experienced investigator who will help with ideas on difficult cases.
  • Information on local and national seminars that provide education and information from world-class speakers on topics of amazing interest.
  • Tips on managing your own agency, billing to the best advantage and marketing yourself.
  • A legislative link to represent you in our State capital. Your voice multiplied by hundreds.